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Georgia Home Repairs specializes in commercial pressure washing service for shopping centers, pressure wash restaurants, industrial building, car dealerships, apartments, and townhome communities. Commercial Building Exteriors are the most common thing that people think about when someone mentions “pressure washing for building exteriors.” That’s because that is where mold and mildew develop the quickest, and is the most visible from the street. Even “maintenance free” exteriors like vinyl siding will often develop unsightly mold and mildew every year or so.

Our 7 Step Process

It might seem like a big project, but giving your concrete, house or deck that just-purchased feel doesn’t require a team of home designers and an endless budget; it just takes professional pressure washing! And by following this comprehensive 7-step process, your friendly and professional pressure washer will guarantee your complete satisfaction:
1. Pre-inspection. This allows the pressure washer to check for stains and determine how to best approach your project needs.

2. Next, the pressure washer will blow and wash off any dirt and debris that has collected on your concrete pathway, deck or house.

3. To ensure that you get the cleanest wash possible, your professional pressure washer will apply a pre-treatment to loosen any mildew or tough dirt that survived the second step.

4. After that, the professional will manually wash your deck, concrete or house by using a surface cleaner or a low pressure wash and steam (which is ideal for house washing).

5. Next, the professional will either trim back any plant growth to get hard-to-reach areas, or he’ll move on to wash your windows.

6. The final rinse-down follows, which leaves your home, deck or concrete looking sparkly clean.

7. Finally, the professional pressure washer will inspect his work to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the job.

Commercial Building Exteriors
Residential Driveways
Over a period of years, your new driveway will fade from a bright white to a dingy blackish color. This darkening is a combination of mildew, auto exhaust, motor oil, and tire rubber and grime. This built up grime causes no damage to your driveway and can be left alone without worry. However, cleaning a driveway has a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of a home and should be seriously considered if your home is up for sale or soon will be. Especially in a competitive real estate market like Atlanta, GA.

Exterior Wood Restoration
Pressure washing wood decks or fences without causing damage takes skill, experience, and the right tools. The last place to learn how to use a pressure washer is on your wood deck. If you have no experience working with a pressure washer, you can do a great deal of damage quickly. Professional deck restoration is not cheap, but if you consider the cost of lumber in today’s marketplace – and the years it adds to the life of your deck – it is a tremendous value.

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If at anytime after completion of our services should you find a workmanship problem, adjustment issue or any thing you’re not quite satisfied with, contact us immediately. We will promptly respond to the issue and do our best to make the situation right with you.