Roof Repair Atlanta

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Roof Repair Specialist are specialized in fixing complicated leaks. Every roof leak is unique and requires thorough inspection to determine the root cause. Atlanta Roof Repair Specialist requires that attics, ceilings and walls to be checked for traces such as water trails, oxidation, water-damaged wood, soiled or stained drywall and etc. Once the real cause of the leak is deciphered, we can plan and perform a thorough repair. We are one of the few companies offers long-term workmanship warranty for our repair jobs.

Roof Maintenance Atlanta
What happens to roof when it is not properly maintained?
Wind can blow off shingles or tiles thus leaving the felt underlayment exposed. When felt underlayment is exposed to elements for over six months, it will deteriorate and disintegrate. Also when roof drainage system is filled with debris, debris has a tendency to hold water rather than draining water. Ponding water will expedite roof deterioration.
Our Roof Tune-ups and Preventive Roof Maintenance covers:

Clean all debris from the surface of the roof. This includes debris that has gathered behind HVAC units, pipes and pitch pans, and any other roof penetrations.
Re-seal and paint all vent flashings
Upgrade valley drainage systems for better drainage if needed
Replace broken and missing shingles or tiles
Adjust and re-nail all loose tiles
Keep all gutters free of debris. Make sure the downspouts are draining properly by water testing them.
Trim back overhanging tree branches
Check all sealants and caulking